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                          2. About Us
                              Intro of Evervan Group

                            Being located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Oriental Paris), EVM was founded by Taiwan Jim Brother’s Corp in April 1999. After being a joint-venture with Evervan Group in October 2005, it restarts the business with adidas from January 2006. The merging is not only the milestone in development & globalization history for Evervan Group, but also a crucial step forward to synchronize with adidas Sourcing strategy.

                            EVM further plays a critical role in supporting the move when Evervan group started reinvesting EVC in Cambodia in late 2009. Currently, EVM is credited as one of the key product creation centers for Originals and YA category. Moreover, the own-developed Originals has become the majority of orders for whole group since FW17.

                            With its solid LEAN production and consistent product quality, EVM is rewarded by adidas as Best SCP Performance (i.e. Basic Expectations) in 2011 & 2014 and the Best AVALIBILITY prize in 2015. EVM is the pioneer footwear factory in Vietnam that builds up the own kindergarten for employees in March 2012. The awards of 2012 CSR and 2015 National Green Enterprise represent the undisputed recognition from Vietnam government on EVM’s efforts to the community and environment.

                            In order to sustain the continuous challenges of uprising labor cost as well as competitions, EVM & EVC collaboratively starts the initiative of “FROM GOOD TO GREAT” by integrating and reinventing since June 2016. The amazing aSC renovation and optimizing automation center won the Best Manufacturing Excellence award in adidas VNLO in 2016.

                            Most notably, the “HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION” are highly credited by Andreas Hubert (head of Footwear division) after his epic visit in March 2017 & following Woj Kur (Indonesia VP) in Aug respectively, which really become the USP (Unique Selling Point) for Evervan Group since then.

                            Company Name: Saigon Jim Brother’s Corp. (EVM)
                            Establishment: Founded in 1999 and officially produced adidas products in 2006
                            Complex Area: Area 82,000 square meters
                            Product Diversity: Originals, Golf, Outdoor, YA
                            Company Address: Binh Chuan Production Park, Thuan An Ward, Binh Duong Province, 72999, Vietnam
                            粵ICP備17051288號    Copyright © 2019 Evervan Group
                            Contact Us  Tell:0763-6865858   Fax:0763-5858585  Postcode:511800
                            北京快3 http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com