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                          2. About Us
                              Intro of Evervan Group

                            Evervan’s headquarter is located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, near by the Beijiang River and Bijia Mountain. As a Sino-foreign joint venture, the company is the headquarter of Evervan Group. The establishment of EVN has created a new milestone for Evervan group. It was put into production in 2006, becoming an irreplaceable role for adidas. EVN has completed organization and system, the most advanced imported production equipment and development technical skills ability for footwear. The development technology department is equipped with advanced computer automated drafting, patterning and material usage calculation system, which helps us to produce the best sport shoes and win international awards.

                            At present, EVN has been acquired the quality, environment and occupational health and safety systems’ certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, got AA Class Enterprise Inspection and Customs Advanced Certification of Guangdong Province as well. EVN became one of the 5C suppliers of adidas in SEA annual audit in 2012. Moreover, the first Golf production line and Outdoor ait. innovation Centre were set up in EVN in the same year.

                            Factory name:Evervan Qingyuan Footwear Co., Ltd. (EVN)
                            Establishment time:Established in 2005, officially launched in 2006
                            Production scale:Covering an area of 162,144 square meters, monthly output is 550,000 pairs,the number of employees is 6,000 and investment capital is $50 million
                            Main products:adidas Outdoor、Golf、Training、Originals
                            Factory address:No.16 Taihe Industrial Town, Qingxin Dist., Qingyuan City, Guangdong, China
                            Contact Number:+86-0763-6865858
                            Fax Number:+86-0763-5858585
                            Postal Code:511800
                            粵ICP備17051288號    Copyright © 2019 Evervan Group
                            Contact Us  Tell:0763-6865858   Fax:0763-5858585  Postcode:511800
                            北京快3 http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com