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                          2. About Us
                              Intro of Evervan Group
                            Introduction of Evervan Group

                            Evervan Group is founded in 1991 by Mr. Ron Chang (President and Chairman of the group).

                            Under the leadership of CEO Mr. Jackson Hsiu, we adhere to the core values of “Expertise, Passion, Respect, and Trust” with the corporate culture of “People-oriented”. Our mission is to create maximum and sustainable value for our customer and society with “Quality, Speed, and Innovation”. The operation strategy is “cultivating China and having prospects for the world”. Our vision is to become a world-class Lean manufacturer.

                            The hearquarter of Evervan Group is located in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as Guangzhou’s garden, near by the Beijiang River and Bijia Mountain. The Group is specialized in international sports brand footwear for adidas. We design, research, develop and produce for adidas shoes, and we have made smart investment, facilities, advanced equipment, first-class technology, beautiful environment, and comfortable life. We own Evervan Qingyuan Footwear Co., LTD. (EVN), Evervan Hengyang Footwear Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province (EVH), Evervan Changning Footwear Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province (EVL), Saigon Jim Brother’s Corp. in Vietnam (EVM), Meng Da Footwear Industrial Co., Ltd. in Cambodia (EVC). In 2007, Evervan has formed strategic alliance with Panarub, Indonesia, making us more competitive and stronger resistance to the high risks, and becoming the multinational footwear production group.

                            Evervan Group has built a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with adidas. We produced various types of functional sports footwear, including Golf, Originals, Outdoor, Training, vulcanized shoes, etc., and a professional and advanced development center as well as lean production lines. In addition, we are the only Golf shoes development center and production facility for adidas in the world.

                            Nowadays, the Group has shown positive growth momentum with increasing sales volume and business turn-over; what is more, we have broken many records in the history for Evervan Group. There are many milestones reached and more heroic products have been made.

                            Ron Chang
                            Jackson Hsiu
                            粵ICP備17051288號    Copyright © 2019 Evervan Group
                            Contact Us  Tell:0763-6865858   Fax:0763-5858585  Postcode:511800
                            北京快3 http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com http://www.daogema.com